The Annals of "Dunarea de Jos" University of GalatiFascicle IXMetallurgy and Materials Science



  1. Page set-up:
    • - page dimensions: A 4 (21x29.7 cm);
    • - margins: TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT: 2.54 cm;
    • - GUTTER 0 cm; HEADER, FOOTER: 1.27 cm.
  2. Page set-up:
    • - title of the papers: Times New Roman 14, Bold, Centred, Capitals;
    • - names of the authors: Courier New 12, Centred;
    • - affiliation and e-mail address: Times New Roman 10, Centred;
    • - ABSTRACT title: Times New Roman 12, Bold, Center, Capitals;
    • - the abstract: Times New Roman 10, Italic
    • - KEYWORDS title: Times New Roman 10, Capitals;
    • - the keywords: Times New Roman 10, Justify;
    • - tittles of the chapters: Times New Roman 12, Bold, Center;
    • - tittles of the subchapters: Times New Roman 12, Bold, Italic, Centred;
    • - tittles of the sub-subchapters: Times New Roman 12, Italic, Centred;
    • - footnote: Times New Roman 9, Justify;
    • - text of the paper: Times New Roman 10, Justify;
    • - tables titles and figures explanations: Times New Roman 11, Centred (on the width of the figure or of the table); in addition, the words Fig. 1 and Table 1 will be stressed through Bold, Italic (it is numbered with the Arabic numbers);
    • - equations:
    • - style: text, function, variable, matrix vector, number: Times New Roman; LC greek;
    • - UC greek, symbol: Symbol;
    • - size: full – 12; subscript/superscript, sub-subscript/superscript, sub-symbol–10; Symbol – 18;
    • - references: Times New Roman 8; in addition, will be stressed the authors through Bold and reference titles through Italic.
  3. The line spacing:
    • - all the lines spacing will be corresponding Times New Roman 12 font;
    • - a two free space is used before the title of the papers, respectively, a one free space before the name of the authors, before the affiliations, before the ABSTRACT title, before the abstract, before the keywords, between titles or subtitles and the text.
  4. Paper format:
    • - the authors name: just surname will be stressed through Capitals;
    • - the width of the section that has the abstract text and the keywords will be at 12 cm, centred;
    • - the text of the paper will be arranged in two columns with 0.6 cm distance between them;
    • - the paragraph set-up – for the whole paper – indentation first line by 0.8 cm;
  5. The paper content:
    • - the figures (graphics, diagrams and photos) will have maximum accuracy;
    • - the equations will be align justify, and will be positioned at one tab by left margin and will be numbered with Arabic numbers, between the round brackets, the number being as close as the right margin;
    • - the chapters, the subchapters and the sub-subchapters will be numbered with Arabic numbers;
    • - the references: the numbering will be made in square brackets, writing without paragraph.


  1. The names of the journals will be abbreviated according to: ProQuest
  2. The names of the references, journals and publishers will be written in the published language, with translation, in English, in round brackets, after the text in the publishing language. The texts written in non-latin letters will be rewritten according to the International Standard;